What I Wish I Knew Before Going To College

Going to college is a big step. It is so different than anything you’ve ever done before. You have so much freedom and the ability to do what you want… when you want. However, there are some things that might be helpful to know before you go to college. I am about to graduate and looking back on my years in college there are some things I wish I had known before I started.


Go To Class

As tempting as it is, go to class. You may be in a huge lecture hall where your teacher doesn’t take attendance. First of all, the whole reason you are going to college is to get an education. You won’t get the most out of your education if you do not attend class. Second, you are paying to go to these classes. You must pass your classes to graduate, and you have to get good grades to get a job. Going to class should be your top priority.


Get Involved

Most schools have a fair with tables of clubs and activities to get involved with when you first arrive. It is important to get involved in different activities during your time at college. This is your chance to do things you enjoy. You will make some of your best friends this way because you will have the same interests and enjoy doing the same things as these people. This is also a great way to put things on your resume and talk to future employers about what you did during your spare time.


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You are going to have to do things you aren’t used to… and that’s OKAY! It’s normal to sit in a dining hall alone. It’s normal to ask your professor questions. It’s normal to walk to class without anyone with you. Life in college is different. You have to learn to be independent. Do what you need to do to make your success a priority. If you don’t understand something in class you have to ask your professor for clarification, even if you are embarrassed to ask in front of everyone else. If you don’t want to ask during class you can always go up to the professor after class or send them an email. Take the steps you need to understand the material. If your friends are in class when you have a lunch break, go to the dining hall. You can sit alone or you can try to make new friends by asking to sit with someone else who is alone.


Wait To Buy Textbooks

Buying you textbooks before classes start was the biggest mistake I made. Textbooks in college are very expensive. Go to the first session of every class and find out from the professor what is necessary for the class. Often times the book will be optional or unnecessary and a waste of money. If you do need a specific book try to find it from a source other than the school bookstore. The school will charge you an outrageous amount of money for a textbook. I suggest using Amazon or Chegg.


Keep Up With Your Work

Stay organized by writing down all your assignments. If you get behind in college it is very hard to catch up. It is also important to know when your exams are because they are a big part of your grade now. Make sure to study beforehand so you don’t have to cram it all in the night before a big test. Don’t be afraid to get a tutor or study with a friend in your class. Most of the time exams are the biggest part of your grade (or could be your entire grade) so it is crucial to do well on them.


Manage Your Money

It is so easy to go crazy with money when you arrive at college. Be aware of what you are spending and how you are spending it. I worked throughout college so I was able to have extra spending money to go out to eat or do fun activities with friends. You do not want to be stressed about not having money. If your parents give you a certain amount a month, make sure you spend it wisely. Do not blow all of your money on unnecessary things that you will regret.


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