Dorm Room Essentials

When you’re moving away from home for the first time you are going to feel like you need to bring everything with you. Unfortunately, dorm rooms are fairly small so you aren’t going to have room for everything you once had in a regular bedroom. If you’re moving far from home you will also have to pack lighter because it is expensive to ship everything to your destinations. My freshman year of college I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona, so I learned what I should and shouldn’t bring to my dorm. I am not going to talk about the obvious essentials (sheets, pillows, laundry detergent, ect.) because I’m sure you know those, so I’m going to focus on things you might not typically think about bringing with you. I’ll add links to the items so they will be easy to purchase. Here are my dorm room essentials!

• Power Strip:

Dorms usually do not have many outlets, especially when you have a roommate and have to share them. This product will allow you to maximize your outlet usage.

• Shower Caddy:

This product is convenient if you have to share a bathroom. If you are using a communal shower and have to walk to the bathroom, the caddy makes it easy to bring all of your products with you. If you are sharing a shower will a couple girls in the same room the caddy is still nice to have because you can store your toiletries in it and keep it in your personal space under your bed or somewhere in your room.

• Brita To-Go Water Bottle:

This water bottle allows you to use water from the bathroom sink or wherever you have water access and make it safe to drink/ taste good. This was my ultimate favorite product while living in a dorm, especially for those like me who enjoy working out.

• Laptop Lock:

If you leave your laptop in your room at all this is a must. The laptop lock allows you to lock it to your desk so anyone in the building can’t steal your laptop.

• Closet Extender:

The closet extender allows you to hand twice as many hangers in your tiny dorm room closet. For girls like me who have a lot of clothes, this is a lifesaver!

• Shoe Rack:

I also had a shoe rack on the floor in my closet to allow for more space and to keep everything organized.

• Command Strips:

Make your room feel homey by hanging pictures and decorations on the walls. You won’t want to use nails (and you might not be allowed to). Use these command strips to hang things on your walls and they create an easy removal when you want to change things up or for when you move out.


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