How To Get A Job Out Of College

I have been going through the interview process for a couple of months now. I have received multiple offers from different companies that have given me a lot of experience interviewing. Throughout all of my interviews, I have learned so much and would love to share some tips and tricks.

• Interview for a couple jobs you don’t care about so you can learn how interviewing works. This way you will get your nerves out and you’ll know what you want to say to general questions. Showing up to any interview can be very nervewracking, so allowing yourself to get used to the feeling of interviewing before your most important interview can be helpful.

• Apply to a lot of jobs. You are not going to hear back from every position you apply for, so applying to as many jobs as you can will give you a greater chance to get more interviews.

• Make a LinkedIn! Be sure that your page is professional and contains all of your experiences that make you a qualified candidate. Connect with people you have worked with or classmates to make your network broader. LinkedIn is such a great way to meet recruiters and find out about job openings that you are interested in. Also, be sure to have a good quality headshot that will look good to future employers.

• Attend career fairs at your school. This is a great way to get comfortable speaking with employers and learn about job opportunities that are out there. Be sure to follow up with anyone you speak with at the career fair by sending them an e-mail. Along with this, check out the job board your school provides. Use any chance you can speak with recruiters and find out about opportunities.

• Go to specific company websites you are interested in and apply through their website. Not every company posts job openings on big websites like LinkedIn or Indeed. In order to get a job that truly interests you, it is important to go to company websites you know you are interested in and check out the opportunities that they have available.

• Reach out to people who currently work there. If you have any connections, ask them questions about the job to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Networking is very helpful when trying to get in the door of a company that you are interested in.

• Research the company and position you are applying for before you interview. Do not show up to a career fair or interview without any knowledge of the company and positions that you are interested in. It looks really good to the recruiters when you know what you are talking about and take an initiative to do research beforehand.

• Get a good outfit that you can wear to interviews. You only need one basic outfit that you can wear to all of your interviews. It is best to get black dress pants and a black blazer because that always looks nice and professional. You can always change what shirt you are wearing to make the outfit look completely different. Here are some examples of outfits that I wear to interviews:


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