Hikes To Do In Washington State

Mount Si

Mount Si was by far my favorite hike in Washington. It is an 8-mile round trip hike in the Snoqualmie Region. When we went it was very icy, making hiking poles a necessity. Although it was snowy, we got very hot hiking up the mountain. We ate a picnic lunch at the top with spectacular views. But, be careful of the birds! They tried to steal our sandwiches from our hands. DO NOT DO THIS HIKE IN SNEAKERS! You will need good hiking shoes to make it up (for the winter; in the summer you should be fine). After you get to the top of a mountain you can continue to climb up the haystack, but in the winter this is too dangerous. In the last photo, you can see Mount Rainer to the left of his hand. For more information on Mount Si click here.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge is definitely a better hike for beginners and people who are out of shape. This hike is 4 miles round trip and does not gain as much elevation as Mount Si. During March there was still a good amount of snow as we climbed up the mountain. There is a great spot for beautiful views of snow capped mountains and all of the Washinton nature. The last photo shows Rattlesnake Ledge and Rattlesnake Lake from the bottom of the hike. For more information on Rattlesnake Ledge click here.

Twin Falls

If you want to see spectacular Washinton waterfalls, this is the hike for you! It rained the entire time we did this hike but it did not stop us from enjoying the breath-taking scenery. This is a short hike being only 2.6 miles round trip and does not have a lot of elevation climb. Make sure you make it all the way up to see the views of the Upper Falls. For more information on Twin Falls click here.

I went to Washington in March, so keep in mind that all of my advice and photos are based on the weather at this time of the year. 

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