How To Find Happiness

A lot of people have been saying how horrible 2017 has been so far… let’s be real guys. It’s April. APRIL. That’s 4 months into an entire year. Here’s the good news- If this year has been awful so far you still have time to change that! This post also goes hand in hand with the new Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why. There has been a lot of talk about this show. Whether you like it or not there is a good message to take from the series. However, a lot of people talking about the outcome are talking about suicide prevention and how to get help. I wanted to take a different approach and provide some way to genuinely be happy.


Change Your Perspective

Take time each day to make a list of the good things that happened. Get a journal and write about it along with experiences you enjoyed. This habit will force you to see the good in your day-to-day activities. If you can’t think of one thing that made you happy that day, write about what you could’ve changed to make a better outcome. Then implement that change for the next day.


Be Grateful

Along with changing your perspective, be grateful for the good in your life. In the same journal you can write three things you are grateful for every day. Over time you will see all of the good that surrounds you and it will fill you with happiness.


Find Your Passion

Find your passion because “excellence in anything increases your potential in everything.” This passion does not have to be something you’re good at. If you are truly passionate about it and put all of your efforts into this then you will become good at it over time. You can start by making a list of things that you enjoy doing or things that interest you. Pick one specific option to focus on and make that your passion to target.


Stay Busy

Take your passion and stay busy doing things that bring you joy. If you are constantly doing things then you will not have time to sit around and be miserable. I got a job and stayed busy working. Working kept my mind off of anything that brought me down and made me focus on my job. I also made a lot of money during this time in my life, which I can’t complain about J. Do what you enjoy and spend as much time as you can doing it.


Stay Off Social Media

Staying off of social media is so important. Don’t waste time and emotions on envying other people’s lives. The truth is, most people post things to make their life glamorous even if it isn’t. There are so many apps that allow you to edit and morph your body into what you wish it would look like. Social media is so fake in today’s society. You could also be the person posting unnecessary pictures on social media. Stop wasting your time wishing you could be someone else or live someone else’s lifestyle. If you find yourself doing this then you should go back to step 1 and 2- change your perspective and be grateful!


Find Someone You Trust

Having someone you can tell anything to is a major key to being happy. This person could be anyone- a teacher, a mentor, a parent, a friend, a sibling… literally anyone. You should be able to tell this person anything, the good and the bad, so they can support you in everything you do. Be sure that you are being trustworthy to this person as well so you can both have serious conversations. Make it essential for both of you to check in with each other every day. You could meet up for coffee or you can make it as simple as sending a text and asking how their day is going.



I am addicted to working out because it makes me feel so good, both inside and out. There are so many physical and psychological benefits. This doesn’t have to be a drag if you don’t make it be one. You don’t have to join a gym if that sounds awful to you. Walk around the neighborhood and take the time to talk to a neighbor in their yard. Go to a park to take a nice stroll and observe all of the beauty in nature. It is proven that exercising increases your energy and decreases your tension, allowing you to feel better.


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