How To Work Out & Get Fit From Home

Working out can be so hard. It takes time and motivation. If you are not in shape you may be embarrassed to go to a gym or workout in public. Or you could be really busy and not have time to go to the gym. Whatever your situation is, make it a priority to workout. There are so many benefits to working out! Working out is proven to boost your happiness- You will feel better about yourself and it gets your endorphins going. You will sleep better and be more energetic during the day. Most importantly, exercise increases your life expectancy!

Your first step is to set goals. You should have short term and long term goals. Push yourself but make sure your goals are attainable so you don’t get frustrated and give up. Incorporate your workout schedule into your daily routine. Make it a habit.


Now for thestuff- Ways to work out from home. There are simple ways like walking or running around the neighborhood, going to a nearby park, and playing sports in your back yard. With technology today, there are so many other options! Consider the hundreds of apps out there. My fav

orite work out app is SWORKIT. This app allows you to input how long you want to work out for and what type of workout you want to do. There are options like cardio, stretching, strengthening, and yoga. It then generates different activities to do for the length of time you selected. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment! Anyone can do these workouts from just about anywhere. Now you have no excuses. And don’t worry- it also incorporates time for breaks! Always replenish your body with a lot of water.

There are other excellent at-home work out routines such as Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and Beachbody On Demand. I have tried both and saw fast results. However, these programs cost money and SWORKIT IS FREE! The programs that cost money provide meal prep plans and more thorough workouts. With Beachbody you have a coach who constantly motivates you, so if you need a little extra push this program is for you.

I would also suggest documenting your exercise. You can be your own motivation by keeping track of what you are doing and how you are achieving the goals you set. Keep a journal and take pictures. Pictures show you the most results! However, DO NOT TRACK YOUR PROGRESS BY THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE! I cannot stress this enough. Personally, I do not even own a scale. A better way to track your progress is by how you physically look. Can you look in a mirror now and be satisfied with how your body is looking? Get a measuring tape and track your body measurements rather than pounds.

Now get out there and start moving!


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