WE MADE IT TO ITALY!!! This place is unbelievable! I cannot believe this is a real place it truly looks like a fairytale land. We had some complications making it to Venice… They lost our bags in Paris (where our layover was) and told us that we had to wait for them because they could not be delivered where we are staying. After waiting for three extra hours in the airport, our bags were delayed, making it a total of four extra hours waiting for our luggage. We took the alilaguna water taxi from the airport. I was super excited for it because I thought it was going to be so cool, but my dreams were crushed by reality. It was SO bumpy and crowded and it took forever to get to our destination. My opinion on the water taxi could definitely be swayed by my lost luggage and lack of sleep, but I would not recommend it. If I had to do it again I would upgrade to the private taxi that is much quicker.


When we got off the boat our first mission was to meet up with our Airbnb host and get into our apartment. Everything went very smooth and we got situated easily. Our place is SO CUTE! It is very tiny, but it is in the best location and is perfect for what we need here in Venice. There are so many restaurants and shops right next to us that are convenient, yet we are still tucked away just enough that the noise is not an issue. Once we put our stuff down in the apartment we went for a walk around town. We found a place to get some good ole Italian pasta that was deeeelicious! I also had a bellini- Y U M! After dinner, we basically just went to bed because we hadn’t slept throughout all of our travels.


I will be uploading a vlog to my YouTube channel soon, and definitely pictures every day starting tomorrow! Get excited!


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